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In the foreground

The main focus of this painting is a young woman, kneeling in the centre, removing the corn cobs from her basket, and spreading them out in the sun on a blanket.

Contrasting figures

In the background is another woman, busily engaged in a task and painted with darker colors, contrasting with the younger girl in the foreground.

Painting motion

Malhoa focuses the attention on the bent body of the young woman in the foreground as she leans over the basket.

Yellow all around

The women's face and blouse are bathed in sunlight, with the yellow in her headscarf matching the corns on the ground.

Corn in the Sun, José Malhoa, 1927

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The Kyoto National Museum collections comprise not only works owned by the museum but also treasures from temples, shrines, and private collections, which are entrusted to the Kyoto National Museum on long-term loan.

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War and peace

This is one of the works produced by Monet when he moved from Paris to London to escape the Franco-Prussian War (1870-1). Leaving the conflict in France behind, he paints his new home as peaceful and atmospheric.


The jetty in the foreground casts broken shadows on the river, and we can see the new foliage of the trees on the Embankment to the right.

Distant chimes

Monet shows the misty atmosphere of London on a spring day, with the Houses of Parliament in the background. You can almost hear Big Ben's 'bongs' ringing out over the river.

The Thames Below Westminster, Claude Monet, 1871

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At present the Mexico National Museum of Art’s collection consists of more than 3,551 works, including among them magnificent exemplars of painting, sculpture, engraving, and drawing, as well as folk art and photography, some of which are veritable masterpieces.

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Selarón Stairs by Jorge Selarón, Rio de Janeiro Department of Conservation