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Find out BTS' top picks from art history
Find out BTS' top picks from art history

Satirical sewing

Perry draws on the satirical and often graphic humor of historic figures, like William Hogarth and Bruegel.

Seven ages of humans

Perry depicts the 'seven ages of humans' in this work. A child is born at the left of the tapestry and can be seen to advance through life in stages along the work.

Along the red road

The red thread which runs through the work seems to represent some kind of life-blood, feeding into the mouth of a demon-like creature, while a man lies on his deathbed.

Pick a brand

Look closely and you can see there are many words of branded advertizing sewn into the painting. Can you spot 'Ikea'?

The Walthamstow Tapestry, Grayson Perry, 2009

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