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In the foreground

The main focus of this painting is a young woman, kneeling in the centre, removing the corn cobs from her basket, and spreading them out in the sun on a blanket.

Contrasting figures

In the background is another woman, busily engaged in a task and painted with darker colors, contrasting with the younger girl in the foreground.

Painting motion

Malhoa focuses the attention on the bent body of the young woman in the foreground as she leans over the basket.

Yellow all around

The women's face and blouse are bathed in sunlight, with the yellow in her headscarf matching the corns on the ground.

Corn in the Sun, José Malhoa, 1927

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The first National Museum of Art in Japan was established at the beginning of the Meiji period when there was a movement demanding the establishment of a museum to permanently display contemporary art.

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الاستكشاف من خلال "التجوّل الافتراضي"

عرض الكل

From backstage at the Paris Opera to the top of the Taj Mahal

Bright Autumn day

This work depicts the recognizable Sydney/Melbourne Buildings in Canberra’s city centre on a bright autumn day.

Catch a ride

The yellow bicycles in the foreground are typical in the city of Canberra.

A cool breeze

Carrick's dappled brushwork captures a cool breeze and the colors depict a sunny autumn day in the nation’s capital.


The artist is well known for her brilliantly colored post-impressionist paintings of crowded streets, markets, cafes, and beach scenes.

Colonnades of Canberra’s Civic Centre, Ethel Carrick, 1944

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The National Women’s History Museum (NWHM) researches, collects, and exhibits women's social, cultural, economic, and political history in a context of world history.

الاطّلاع على المجموعة

Nap time

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How many years ago did this creature live on Earth?
500 million
A 500m-year-old creature with five eyes, State Darwin Museum

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Where can you find these tiles?
Clue: they're part of the National Azulejo Museum collection
Azulejo panel, Bela Silva / Fábrica Viúva Lamego, National Azulejo Museum