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Smokin' locals

Edward Hopper's painting includes people from all walks of life. Here, workers enjoy a cigarette in a cafe.

Rouge tints

In the middle of the picture you can see a woman looking around the cafe. Her red make-up compliments the flushed neck of the seated man in front.

Send in the clowns

The focus of the painting is a sad clown, smoking a cigarette. The mood of the clown is portrayed through the blue tones in the background.

Soir Bleu, Edward Hopper, 1914

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Traditional patterns

Boyer was an indigenous Canadian artist of the Métis people and he used traditional Canadian patterns in his work, like the bilateral symmetry seen here.

Fields of color

Boyer combined Canadian Northern Plains designs with the influence of contemporary abstract, color field painters.

Texture and tone

Boyer used thickly applied paint to add texture and tone to his work. Up close you can see the layers of paint on top of one another.

Like the Last Snows of Winter, Robert Boyer, 1991

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In more than a century of existence, the National Museum of Archaeology has become the reference institution of Portuguese Archeology, with regular correspondence with museums, universities, and research centers around the world.

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