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What is batik?

Batik comes from the word 'amba' and 'tik' meaning drawing using dots. These dots were made using a 'canting' and melted wax.

Timeless batik

As a craft praised and loved worldwide, Indonesian batik has been designated by UNESCO as a masterpiece of Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity.

Two styles meet

This batik style has two different motifs which meets diagonally in the middle. The two sides contrast with different patterns and colors.

Darker and lighter

The two sides of the batik motifs contrast with lighter and darker colors. When worn, the lighter side would be used in the mourning to wrap around the waist and the darker side would be used in afternoon.

Batik Pagi Sore, Museum Tekstil Jakarta

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The Department of Gastronomy and Culinary Arts, founded in 2003 by Bedrettin Dalan, is the first Gastronomy and Culinary Arts program established in Turkey.

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Metropolitan Mexico

Beloff was a Russian painter who lived and worked in Mexico City for most of her life. Here, she has painted one of the city's busiest streets, bustling with cars and people.

Parked by the park

The trees in Alameda Central, the city's oldest public park, are visible to the left of the picture, contrasting with the lines of parked cars nearby.

Coexisting in the city

The work reflects the liveliness of the area, with the dozens of passersby coexisting with the cars and the tram.

Hidalgo Avenue, Angelina Beloff, 1949

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The J. Paul Getty Museum at the Getty Center features works of art dating from the eighth through the twenty-first century, showcased against a backdrop of dramatic architecture, tranquil gardens, and breathtaking views of Los Angeles.

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Coffee Machine
Coffee Maker, NEMO Science Museum

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