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The Iris Ceramica Group Historical Museum promotes the conservation and enhancement of documents, iconographic materials, products, and machinery, in order to transmit a living testimony of the history of Made in Italy and of its protagonists.

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The gaze

This character’s eyes are in line with the horizon, which, by definition, is usually where our gaze falls. So, he faces us directly; his eyes and his face convey pride without being arrogant; we can also perceive his dignity, tranquility, strength, and lack of tension


A resource used to give the sensation of deepness is the repetition of shapes that get smaller the further they are, like the diminishing posts that make up the fence.

O Mestiço, Candido Portinari, 1934

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Founded in 1861, the National Gallery of Victoria is Australia's oldest public art museum with a rich history and world class collection of over 70,000 works.

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