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The National Museum of Indonesia is an institution of cultural heritage studies and a cultural educational information center, with an obligation to save and preserve objects of cultural heritage in Indonesia.

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"Piet Mondrian's grid paintings are only one part of his career. Throughout his life, he explored many styles, from figurative to geometric abstraction, as he reacted to the cultural and political upheaval of the early 20th century."Dallas Museum of Art

Piet Mondrian’s Career in 5 Paintings

On the artist's birthday, explore the life and work of the Dutch painter

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Which is the largest cave in the world?
Clue: the name means "Mountain River Cave"
Son Doong Cave
Son Doong Cave, Quang Binh Tourism Department

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How Does Hokusai Connect to Hawaii?

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Clue: they're known for not being the most smiley
Mona Lisa
'Mona Lisa' by Leonardo da Vinci

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