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Ancient origins of our favorite snacks

Chocolate's story starts in Mexico. Mesoamerican cultures made a bitter, fermented drink from cacao, and drank it as part of religious ceremonies.

Baja’s fine vines

You’ve heard of Mexican beer and tequila, but you may not know that Mexico is also home to many thriving vineyards. Did you know that 90% of Mexico’s wine is produced in the Baja California region?

Chihuahua, land of Ralámuli traditions

The indigenous Ralámuli people of Chihuahua have a culinary calendar which follows the seasons. They mark important points of the agricultural year with great feasts and sacred dishes such as beef tonari.

Iguanas and rattlesnakes, oh my!

Some surprising ingredients go into traditional Mexican dishes, such as insects, iguanas, and even snakes.

A flagship dish

Chile en nogada is a Pueblan dish made with stuffed poblano chiles topped with walnut sauce and pomegranate seeds. The green, white, and red of the ingredients reflect the colors of the Mexican national flag.

The largest food market on Earth

Mexico City’s largest food market is Central de Abasto, which stretches across an area equivalent to about 327 soccer pitches.

The prehistoric sloth behind your dish...

The ancient Giant Ground Sloth was one of the only animals capable of swallowing avocado seeds, and spread those seeds far and wide in their dung. The plant wouldn't have survived without these big furry friends, so next time you have an avo on your plate, be sure to thank a sloth!

A rich palette

Mexico City is home to around 15,000 restaurants, from street eats to the fine dining of 'Pujol'.

An Interactive Food Tour Around Mexico

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What does yellow sound like to Kandinsky?
Clue: apparently it sounds like a brass instrument
'Yellow-Red-Blue' by Wassily Kandinsky, Bauhaus Dessau Foundation

Museum spotlight

The Essl Museum is the home of the Essl Collection of contemporary art with more than 7,000 works collected by Agnes and Karlheinz Essl. It offers a matchless perspective on present-day art.

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Museum spotlight

The Collection was formed by the São Paulo-based art patron Adolpho Leirner and acquired by the Museum between 2005 and 2007.

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