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Founded in 1861, the National Gallery of Victoria is Australia's oldest public art museum with a rich history and world class collection of over 70,000 works.

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"Humans have looked to the stars as long as we've existed. The development of astronomical theories throughout many cultures greatly contributed to timekeeping, navigation, and agriculture."

5 Ancient Discoveries Still in Use Today

These innovations withstood the test of time

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Black History and Culture

Celebrate Black History Month through the history, arts, and culture of Black experience in the United States

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What was the original title of Rodin's sculpture 'The Thinker'?
Clue: he must have had a way with words
The Poet
'The Thinker' by Auguste Rodin, Legion of Honor

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How Does Kara Walker Connect to Windsurfing?

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How long did it take da Vinci to paint the 'Mona Lisa's smile?
Clue: it's longer than you might think
16 Years
'Mona Lisa' by Leonardo da Vinci, Rmn-Grand Palais

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