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8 Things You Might Not Know About Dubai

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Modern vs. ancient

Twombly was inspired by Greek culture, creating a modern vision of the ancient world and reworking it into a new form of visual expression.

The ideal screen

At the start of the 1960s, Twombly began using increasingly large canvases, almost as big as cinema screens, which were "the ideal shields" for hurling splashes, marks, threads, and lumps onto the white background.

Abstract expressionism

The artist translates the very action of abstract American expressionism into this work, both syllabically and ideographically.

The Fall of Hyperion, Cy Twombly, 1962

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Tiny town

The sense of scale in the work is shown by looking at the Flemish-style port city, which is impressively tiny in comparison to the tower.

Depicting detail

Looking closer at the painting, you can see Bruegel depiction of technical and mechanical details, shown through the building materials on the tower.

Living up high

Bruegel paints the workers’ houses into the stone outer structure, which blends elements of classical houses with Romanesque architecture.

Nature vs. man-made

Bruegel paints the tower blending into the rocky slope, providing a cross-over of nature and man-made materials.

The Tower of Babel, Pieter Bruegel the Elder, 1563

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