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Pair of crows

These two crows on the branch echo the two flying crows, and the crow pulling the crow catcher, to form three pairs of birds. What do these dark figures mean?

The eyes have it

The crow-catcher's eyes are the same yellow beads as the crow's. To catch their prey, the catcher has become crow-like themselves.

Surrealist skates

Leonora Carrington was a surrealist painter who fought for women's liberation. Are these ice-skates simply surrealist? Or are they a symbol of lightness, gliding, and freedom?

Crow Catcher, Leonora Carrington, 1990

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The Center for American Studies is one of the most prestigious institutes of US studies in Europe. Since its origins, the Center has pursued the goal of promoting relations between Italy and the United States and the dialogue between Italian and American culture.

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Tiny town

The sense of scale in the work is shown by looking at the Flemish-style port city, which is impressively tiny in comparison to the tower.

Depicting detail

Looking closer at the painting, you can see Bruegel depiction of technical and mechanical details, shown through the building materials on the tower.

Living up high

Bruegel paints the workers’ houses into the stone outer structure, which blends elements of classical houses with Romanesque architecture.

Nature vs. man-made

Bruegel paints the tower blending into the rocky slope, providing a cross-over of nature and man-made materials.

The Tower of Babel, Pieter Bruegel the Elder, 1563

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The Philadelphia Museum of Art is Philadelphia’s art museum connecting people with the arts in rich and varied ways, making the experience of the Museum surprising, lively, and memorable.

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