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A child gazes intently into a deck of fortune-telling cards. Hamed Nada's works depict ordinary Egyptian lives, but often include mystical Sufi symbols. Is the child seeking a better fortune?

Feline fortunes

The wise-looking cat seems to know something. Is the cat a fortune-teller, too? Where is it looking?

Strange symbols

The cat's eyes lead us to this hand in the top left of the image. Nada used symbols from the Sufi culture of Islamic mysticism to add depth to his work. This hand is a symbol of good fortune.

Fortune Teller and the Cat, Hamed Nada

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81 年前的今天是李小龙出生的日子

李小龙,本名李振藩,乳名细凤,国际著名华裔武术家、截拳道创始人、动作片演员、动作导演、武术指导、功夫片的开创者、好莱坞首位华人主角。香港粤剧丑生李海泉之子,李小龙有两个姐姐、一个哥哥和一个弟弟。 李小龙生于美国旧金山东华医院,年少时期在香港九龙生活读书,拜叶问为师学习咏春拳,其后以咏春为本,化而创立自己的截拳道。自少因父参与演出20多部香港电影。1959年,李小龙在美国主修戏剧,副修哲学,他开武馆授徒边磨炼武术,又客串演出多部美国电视剧。他尝试改变亚洲人在美国影片中的形象,但最终连其译为功夫的电视剧也由外国演员主演。1970年,李小龙获得香港嘉禾电影公司邹文怀邀请,在失意荷理活之下,回到香港主演以功夫为题的动作电影《唐山大兄》而大获好评,李小龙迅速展开其知名度。此后他主演了《精武门》、《猛龙过江》、《龙争虎斗》及《死亡游戏》,此4部半动作电影震撼了整个影坛,而且在国际上迅速声名鹊起。 32岁的李小龙于1973年7月20日参与演出《死亡游戏》期间,猝死于丁佩在香港九龙九龙塘的家中,事件引起极大震撼,其死因至今依然充满争议。然而,李小龙去世后其声威依然不减,他的银幕形象对全球华人以至世界各地均有影响力,他的名字是武打电影甚至是中国武术的象征,电影不少带有汉族文化色彩。李小龙亦带领香港电影冲出亚洲,走向世界,为香港电影积累丰厚的资本、技术和观众,并为香港电影在1980年代开始风靡全球、成为东方好莱坞奠定基础。



The Women of Dignity portrays two women with markedly long necks, wide eyes, and large, round heads whose sizes are disproportionate to the size of their body. The painting symbolic as it embodies the unique, non-naturalistic style of representation in African art.

Color explosion

As is common in Moyo’s works, one sees the rich use of different colours – yellow, blue, white, brown, green, orange, and black.

Etching patterns

The patterns were etched as a decorative composition after the painting was done on the canvas.

Connected to culture

Moyo never lost touch with his home and his art was centered on his indigenous Yoruba heritage. The piece seeks to celebrate African women and the pride of womanhood.

Inspired by traditional textiles

The textural patterns all over the painting are inspired by the patterns commonly found on the Yoruba textile.

Women of Dignity, Moyo Ogundipe, 2009

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