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After dark

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Angelo Chiacchio's photographs the night sky around the world

The mountain painter

Yoo Youngkuk became known as the 'Mountain Painter' because he was so taken with the mountainous landscapes of his native country Korea.

Abstract art

Even though he painted in an abstract manner, his work has a sense of depth and distance.

Magician of colors

Another nickname for Youngkuk was 'magician of colors'. Here the shadow of the mountain valleys was created with deep purple hues.

Mountain (Topography), Yoo Youngkuk, 1959

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LIFE magazine had over ninety staff photographers — including Margaret Bourke-White, Alfred Eisenstaedt, and Gordon Parks — who documented the events, stories, and people that shaped the modern era in the US.

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From art to craft

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Back-breaking labor

Caillebotte caused a stir in Parisian high-society during the 1870s by painting ordinary city laborers hard at work.

Sharing a word

The figures are painted so realistically that you can almost hear them talking to one another while they work.

A well-earned drink

Did you spot this bottle of wine? The workers are almost ready for some hard-earned refreshment.

The Floor Planers, Gustave Caillebotte, 1875

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The Philadelphia Museum of Art is Philadelphia’s art museum connecting people with the arts in rich and varied ways, making the experience of the Museum surprising, lively, and memorable.

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