Ñuu Savi

Oscar Montalvo Carrasco2013 - 2014

Hidro Arte - SACMEX

Hidro Arte - SACMEX

The word that comes from the mouth of the jaguar is expressed through the water element as a symbol of life. The power of this small river is slow, but uneasy, generating...from her new beings emerge and with them the music (guitar and the arts) as different symbols of expression, and thus, new beings emerge from the water to the the tree as another element of our discourse: land...land from which seeds, where great works arise arise. A tree that weaves its roots to hold the soil but at the same time rises to great heights; its branches and leaves harboring the same pages of the books symbolize the knowledge that man wants to achieve the purpose for your understanding and development.
Besides a jaguar mask as a representation of Mexican identity with prehispanic reminiscent, as well as the worldview of human beings in a profound way.
Finally, we found a hand that crosses the branches of our tree, which has a mystical, supreme, divine meaning; that hand planting corn seeds to the course of time are germinate and bear great fruit. Those seeds merge with the earth and water to make way for new solidarity men support each other to climb, learning to learn and climb to the top.

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  • Title: Ñuu Savi
  • Creator: Oscar Montalvo Carrasco
  • Date: 2013 - 2014
  • Location Created: Eduardo Molina, esquina Oriente 157, El Coyol, Mexico DF
  • location:lon: -99.094488
  • location:lat: 19.486921
  • Physical Dimensions: w8 x h3 m (without frame)
  • Type: street art
  • External Link: http://www.sacmex.df.gob.mx/sacmex/arte/murales/drena_profu.php


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