Lightrees II

Zdzisław Stanek1962/1965

Muzeum Historii Katowic

Muzeum Historii Katowic

The artist applies onto the surface of his paintings colourful forms which are ”sculpted” in thick layers of oil-based paint, which he enriches with patters of lines carved in the paint. Thus, the ever changing play of light and shadow generated by the abundant relief of the surface complements the colour. The forms themselves are semi-abstract. They are mid-way between the image of nature in the paintings of the series ”Flowers”and the total abstraction of ”Lights in the Interspace”. What Stanek places here are artistic signs of particular objects and natural phenomena. Attentive examination of these paintings and being open to the influence of their shapes and colors may start long chains of poetic associations in the viewer’s imagination. Alfred Ligocki 1965

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  • Title: Lightrees II
  • Creator: Zdzisław Stanek
  • Date Created: 1962/1965
  • Location: In the collection of the Museum of Katowice History.
  • Physical Dimensions: 52,2 cm x 76,5 cm
  • Type: painting
  • Medium: oil, putty?, plywood


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