This pillowcase was sewn together using two pieces of irregular silk fabrics. The fabrics used plain strand organization. And it uses rice-yellow strands as the background, light brown, chestnut red, and dark blue green colors to create floral patterns. Light brown thread was used continuously. Chestnut red thread and 1-cm-wide dark blue green threads were used alternatively every 4.6 to 5 cm. Together with the horizontal streaks, it forms a grid effect on the fabric surface.Warp-wise circulation of the pattern is 5.7 cm. The circulation across the strand runs the entire span of the fabric, more than 45 cm. At present, the remaining pattern can be divided into six major areas from left to right. In the first area, there are three individuals. They appear to be members of a military marching band. The action of the first person is hard to identify. The next person is a trumpeter with one hand on his waist and the other hand holding a horn. The following person is holding a banner. The second area has a horse theme. There is a rider on the horse. There is another person behind the horse, holding a whip. In the third area, there is a Chinese chariot. Above the chariot, there is a parasol with a z-shaped handle. Long feather-like flags adorn the back of the chariot. There is a person on the chariot with disheveled hair, beautiful, delicate eyes, holding the rein. The beast pulling the chariot has a snake-like body and multiple heads. In the fourth area, there is a traditional Chinese-style building. There are four musicians sitting under the eave. Some are playing harps. Some are playing the lute. Some are playing the clarinet. In the fifth area, there are four men with weapons in their hands. The first person’s weapon is hard to identify. The second is holding a halberd; the third a trident. The last person is holding a shield in one hand in front of his chest and raising a knife in the other hand over his head. In the last area, there is yet another horse. Its two hooves are slightly lifted. There is a rider on the horse looking back with his bow drawn. There is also a small beast after the horse.Between the six areas, the characters “King’s Outing” were sewn. It tells us the theme of this tapestry depicts scenes of the king’s outings. The various people in it are probably the emperor’s entourage who accompanied him on his outings.

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  • Title: “King’s Outing” Silk Pillowcase 1
  • Rights: All rights reserved
  • Width: 38.5cm
  • Length: 22.5cm