Big Cat、Male Tree and Female Tree、Tuantuan and Yuanyuan

Hung Yi2009

Fubon Art Foundation

Fubon Art Foundation

Hung Yi’s artistic expression is characterized by colors of high intensity, boldness and bright colors, and high contrasts. They sometimes look like tattoos, and sometimes vivid expressions of color paintings. In his expressions, we can see his careful observation and playful attitude towards the things in life. Complete, stable, and fluent lines express his confidence, and the detailing and bold color implementations create a unique artistic style. In the Male and Female Trees, we can see the artist’s view of the universe that surpasses the distinction of sexes. He personified the plants and gives the plants special personalities to create a space for the imagination, which extends beyond the physical shape with powerful life. The work entitled “Big Cat” is a humorous expression of love (the Chinese 20 is pronounced similar to “love you”). Through the fun elements in popular culture, the Big Cat spreads the mood of happiness and love. Hung Yi’s art is like a treasure map full of surprises. Through his detailed and well-woven imagination, you will see humor in every corner of his artwork. In recent years, Hung Yi developed the modern style blue enamel painting series, which integrates the Chinese traditional style blue enamel painting into the artist’s unique totem-like symbols. This series of creations are elegant in classical styles yet filled with modern artistic vocabularies and creative elements in the details. The blue enamel sculptures feature Tuantuan and Yuanyuan, which are a pair of Pandas. The auspicious meaning of the sculptures and adorable panda figures bring the viewers closer to the arts and spread the humor and cheerfulness in the art creations.

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  • Title: Big Cat、Male Tree and Female Tree、Tuantuan and Yuanyuan
  • Creator: Hung Yi
  • Date: 2009
  • Medium: Print-out
  • Location: Fubon Financial Center 1F、B1