Coverage 1— Objects‧Memory series

Fang-Yi Chu2010

Fubon Art Foundation

Fubon Art Foundation

In The Grey Area Between Representational And Abstract Art, The Artist Samples Fragments Of Scenarios And Images From The Imaginary World Of Memory Dreams. Each Object Is A Three Dimensional Shape Extended From The Most Primitive Symbols. The Lines And Shapes In The Works Of Chu Fang-Yi Come From Placing Agglomerating, Reassembling Or Transferring Objects Used In Daily Life, From Ancient Times To The Present. These Objects May Come From Memories Of Antiquity, Primitive Plants, Products Of Industrialization Etc. Within These Ambiguous And Unclear Memories And Dreamscapes, Warm Soft Colors Package Image Segments. The Artist Uses Sturdy, Introspective Ceramics As His Medium Material An As A Vehicle Carrying Segments Of Life Experience And Remembered Dreams And Seemingly Familiar Images Apes, Allowing Viewers To See The Work Through The Eyes Of Their Own Experiences. These Objects Speak To Those Feelings Long Since Buried In The Very Depths Of Memory.

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  • Title: Coverage 1— Objects‧Memory series
  • Creator: Fang-Yi Chu
  • Date: 2010
  • Medium: Stonewave, Slip, Paint, Canvas Boar
  • Location: AVEDA-101 Branch