12 MS no. 49-53

Antonio Stradivari

Museo del Violino

Museo del Violino

12 MS no. 49-53
Collection G. Fiorini

Mould for violin (letter G (grande)). According with Sacconi with this mould were built some of the most famous violins, among them the Cremonese violin dated 1715. At the bottom it says: this form is a little more longa / Form PG / dell 'Antonio Stradivari. According to the recent study of Roberto D'Agostino nothing it is to be considered the fist of Antonio Stradivari, the handwriting is due to the shape of the viola contralto # 205.

Lenght including upper and lower blocks: 354
Lenght without upper blocks: 347
Max upper width: 161
Max lower width: 201
Width in the middle part of CC: 103
Distance between the parallel lines plotted transversely to the mould at the tips: upper 25 mm - lower 24 mm, these measures correspond to the radius for the curves of the upper and lower points.
Height of ribs: mm 29,5, 31,5
Thickness of the mould mm 14,5

Models made of maple wood for cutting upper and lower blocks and tips, marked with the letter G, not due to the handwriting of Antonio Stradivari:
Upper: mm 63x14
Lower: mm 48,5x13
Upper points: mm 10x26
Lower points: mm 13x23

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  • Title: 12 MS no. 49-53
  • Creator: Antonio Stradivari
  • Location: Cremona
  • Violinmaker Death date: 1737
  • Violinmaker Birth date: 1644c.


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