13 Attempts to Become a Rooster - 6

Wolfgang Lettl1978

Lettl Collection

Lettl Collection

The series "13 Attempts to Become a Rooster" dates back to the years 1977/78.

The series may be considered a surreal Curriculum Vitae.

Here in Image Six the rooster is strutting along the beach. The young rooster finds himself confronted with the topic of sexuality. Three elements are assigned in a seemingly arbitrary manner to the three figures, man, woman, and rooster: the axle of a wheel, a cube that is open at the top and painted in the primary colours yellow, blue, and red, and the setting sun plunging into the sea. Leisure time, freedom, being footloose and fancy-free - a cheerful picture that tells of the adventure of becoming an adult.

The contrast with the following four images could not be greater.

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