1935 Miller-Ford Race Car

Miller-Tucker, Inc. and Ford Motor Company1935

The Henry Ford

The Henry Ford

This beautiful car was created by Harry Miller, the most important American racing designer before World War II. His legacy included the four cylinder Offenhauser engine that dominated American racing between 1935 and 1975. Miller's hallmarks were innovation, superb craftsmanship, and an artistic touch that transformed his cars, engines, and individual components into pieces of sculpture. The Miller-Ford illustrates all these characteristics. It is lower, sleeker, and more streamlined than any other 1935 race car. It featured independent front and rear suspension, unheard of in American cars of the day. The aerodynamic cast aluminum suspension arms would look good on a pedestal in a museum. But for all its artistry this car was not as successful as Miller's earlier designs. One of ten similar cars, it was produced in a hurry and suffered from lack of time for proper development. Engine: Ford V-8, side valves, 221 cu. in., 150 hp

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