1965 Goldenrod Land Speed Race Car

Summers, Bill and Summers, Bob1965

The Henry Ford

The Henry Ford

In November 1965 this sleek car flashed across Utah's Bonneville salt flats to break the world speed record for wheel driven (as opposed to jet or rocket powered) cars. One key to its success was its long, slim shape that minimized wind resistance. The other key was the clever engineering that packed four Chrysler "Hemi" engines and the machinery to drive all four wheels inside that slim shape. Goldenrod's record of 409.277 miles per hour stood until 1991. Builders Bob and Bill Summers were part of an automobile culture unique to Southern California. This culture spawned a "hot rod economy," made up of people who made their living building cars and equipment, promoting races, operating tracks, selling equipment and accessories, and writing about cars and events. Bob and Bill's success at Bonneville allowed them to become part of the hot rod economy by starting their own business building custom transmission and driveline parts. Engines: Four Chrysler "Hemi" V8s, overhead valves, 426 cu. in., 600hp each

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