1965 Lotus-Ford Race Car

Chapman, Colin, 1928-1982, Ford Motor Company, and Group Lotus PLC1965

The Henry Ford

The Henry Ford

This is one of the seminal cars in American racing history. In 1965 Scotsman Jimmy Clark drove this car to victory in the Indianapolis 500. A few years earlier legendary road-racer Dan Gurney concluded that the proper application of European formula-one technology could capture the Indianapolis 500. He brought Ford Motor Company together with Colin Chapman, English builder of Lotus sports and racing cars. The combination resulted in a lightweight Lotus chassis powered by a specially designed Ford V-8 engine. With its monocoque chassis, four-wheel independent suspension, and rear-mounted engine, the Lotus-Ford effectively killed the traditional Indy roadster and established a new paradigm for American race cars.

Engine: Ford V-8, double overhead cam, 256 cu. in., 495 hp

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