2.8 Untitled

Zander Blom2010

SCAD Museum of Art

SCAD Museum of Art

Zander Blom is a Johannesburg-based artist who uses painting, drawing, assemblage sculpture and photography to investigate conceptions about the creative process and the presentation of art and art making. As he does in most of his paintings, prints and assemblages, Blom, in 2.8 Untitled, focuses on different configurations of lines, shapes and forms that he has staged on paper, thereby confining his materials, gestures and marks within the frame. Blom creates such works on a range of surfaces as well as in various places throughout his studio?s corners and walls. At times, each of these works becomes an artistic entity in and of itself. However, Blom also often photographs, reworks and again re-photographs these constructions, creating lasting documentations of his practice as well as entirely new compositions.

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