2006-3 2008-2

Hsu Yung-Hsu2008

Fubon Art Foundation

Fubon Art Foundation

Hsu Yung-Hsu has been working as an artist for almost twenty years, and his works have gradually transformed from realistic to abstract. He continues to pursuit the endless possibilities in ceramic sculptures, and at the same time strives to show the earthy subtle variations in the colorations of the ceramic glazes. The artist’s hands are the best sculpting tools, and the painterly strokes on each work come from the artist’ touches with his hands. Up close, the strokes are light and soft, but in actuality, they possess a sternness that is derived from high heat. The works are full of surprising strength and beauty, and have the power to rattle one’s emotions with a piercing energy.

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  • Title: 2006-3 2008-2
  • Creator: Hsu Yung-Hsu
  • Date: 2008
  • Medium: Ceramics
  • Location: Fubon Life Building


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