24 Xiao

Wang Jiu-Si2007

Fubon Art Foundation

Fubon Art Foundation

The main characters in the traditional Chinese “24 Stories of Filial Piety” expressed their filial piety in ways that are often highly absurd. The question is does such behavior have a corollary in the crazy way modern people pursue fashion and blindly follow materialism? Jeffrey Wang has many years of experience working in fashion making him believe that people are already willing to sacrifice everything in pursuit of this particular goal. The artist’s work makes use of traditional Chinese stories and such modern expressive methods as advertisements and illustrations to establish a dialogue between brands present at the display area and fashionable young men and women, making the piecefunny and satirical.

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  • Title: 24 Xiao
  • Creator: Wang Jiu-Si
  • Date: 2007
  • Type: C-print
  • Location: BOND St.


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