2nd Lt Eugeniusz Zenon Lokajski "Brok”

Warsaw Rising Museum

Warsaw Rising Museum

2nd Lt Eugeniusz Zenon Lokajski (“Brok”) was born on 14 December 1908 in Warsaw. In 1934 he completes his studies at the Central Institute of Physical Education. Works as an athletics coach and PE teacher. In 1934-37 he is successful in a number of sporting endeavours including pentathlon runner-up in the Budapest World Athletics Championships (1935), competitor in the Berlin Olympic Games (1936), javelin record-breaker in Poznań (1936), and winner of the javelin event in Athens (1937). In the September Campaign of 1939 serves as platoon commander of the 35th Infantry Regiment. Subsequently taken prisoner near Brest on the River Bug. In October 1939 he makes his way to Warsaw. In the first few years of German occupation, he keeps a low profile, working as a labourer. In 1942 Lokajski opens a photographic workshop. He also teaches clandestine physical education classes. In January 1944 he is sworn in as Home Army soldier (code name "Brok") and becomes platoon commander in the 3rd Praga Company, part of the 1st Battalion of the 3rd Region of Rembertów, within the Home Army’s 7th Area “Obroża” (Collar). During the Rising he serves as liaison officer for the “Koszta” Company and, as of 30 August, its commander. In addition to his combat role, he makes photographs with an appropriated Leica camera under the name of Press War Correspondent “Brok”. Eugeniusz Lokajski died on 25 September 1944, buried under the rubble of a bombed house at 129 Marszałkowska St.

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  • Title: 2nd Lt Eugeniusz Zenon Lokajski "Brok”


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