3 1/4 inch refracting telescope


Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences

Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences

Telescope, 3 1/4 inch refracting telescope, brass / glass / wood / paper, made by Banks, London, England, 1811-1821, used at Parramatta Observatory and Sydney Observatory

A brass telescope tube with eyepiece. The telescope sits on a timber and brass mount with tripod base. The timber and brass mount has a brass arc attached for angling the telescope tube. Three brass feet screw into the legs of the tripod. The feet allow for height adjustment on uneven ground. Accompanying the telescope is a wooden storage box. Contained within the box are 7 small circular cardboard boxes, some containing small samples of different metals and various components for the telescope.

The telescope has a focal length of 44 inches and an aperture of 3.25 inches. It is mounted on a Smeaton's block, which made it usable as either an equatorial or an azimuth instrument.

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  • Title: 3 1/4 inch refracting telescope
  • Creator: Banks
  • Date: 1811
  • Location: England
  • Physical Dimensions: 1100mm (h) x 610mm (w) x 600mm (d)
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