3227_4a' by Thukral and Tagra

Thukral & Tagra2015-16

Saat Saath Arts

Saat Saath Arts

A group of pieces from Thukral & Tagra's 2015 "Reliqua 3227" series of furniture bring a sense of life back to the Palace. Fully functional, the works are made from painted iron, thick slabs of granite and terracotta tiles, their shapes being playful and toy-like. Their geometric shapes contrast with the floral murals that cover the walls of the apartment, yet also act like frames. Additional details, such as the tops of ping-pong tables and a bust of Gandhi, further animate the works and confuse the categories of art and design. Installed in the first-floor sitting room of the Maharaja’s apartment, they hover directly above Arman’s suite of bronze furniture on the ground floor, a stark contrast in styles, philosophies, and generations.

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