43. Cold and Lonely November Days

The Museum of Innocence

The Museum of Innocence

"From mid-November onward, whenever we awoke on a windless night—raw from misery, or thirst, because we’d had so much to drink—we began to hear a fisherman splashing around in his rowboat, just beyond our closed shutters, moving through the still waters of the Bosphorus, casting his net.
Sometimes the boat would drift beneath our bedroom. Accompanying this quiet, soft-spoken fisherman was a slim little boy whose voice was sweet and who did everything his father asked. As the lamp hanging from their boat filtered through our shutters, casting a lovely glow on the ceiling, we could hear the sounds of their oars cutting into the silent water, and the water cascading through their net as they lifted it from the sea, and at times only the boy’s coughing as the two went wordlessly about their work." (The Museum of Innocence by Orhan Pamuk)

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  • Title: 43. Cold and Lonely November Days