5 Bowl Series

10th century

National Museum of Qatar

National Museum of Qatar

These 5 bowls were stacked in the cargo of the ship Cirebon. These 5 bowls were part of a set of fine porcelain dishes made in workshops in southern China and to be delivered to the Gulf region. Due to the stranding of the ship, archaeologists were able to find the entire abandoned cargo in the wreck in Indonesia. Bowls have been damaged by burial in water for over 10 centuries. These bowls were held together by an encrustation matrix of the seabed. The inlay also contains many shells, shell fragments and ceramic fragments.

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  • Title: 5 Bowl Series
  • Date Created: 10th century
  • Location: China
  • Type: Food Preparation and Consumption
  • Rights: National Museum of Qatar
  • Medium: Sand, Porcelain, Shell, Glaze, Slip