5 Don Quixote Sallies Forth

Piffaro, the Renaissance Band

Piffaro, the Renaissance Band

De la piel de sus ovejas - Pedro Ruimonte (1565–1627)
No paséis el cavallero - Anonymous (late 16th c.)
Romance de Lanzarote - Mateo Flecha (1481-1553); adapted by Grant Herreid
Andalo Çarabanda - Gaspar Sanz (1640 – 1710); adapted by Grant Herreid

The Musical World of Don Quixote: 10/9/2016 at
The Philadelphia Episcopal Cathedral, Philadelphia, PA

Produced and performed by Piffaro, the Renaissance Band

Guest artists: New York Polyphony; Neil Snaidas, soprano; Josep Borras, dulcian; Erik Schmalz, sackbut; Glen Velez, percussion; Charles Weaver, vihula, guitar, lute
Choreography: Christopher Williams
Production: Lelan Kimball, stage direction; Adam Macks, lighting designer and production manager; Liz Nugent, stage manager
Video: Front Row Seat Productions

Support for "The Musical World of Don Quixote" has been provided by The Pew Center for Arts & Heritage

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  • Title: 5 Don Quixote Sallies Forth
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