68. 4213 Cigarette Stubs 68. 4213 Cigarette Stubs

The Museum of Innocence

The Museum of Innocence
Istanbul, Turkey

"During my eight years of going to the Keskins’ for supper, I was able to squirrel away 4,213 of Füsun’s cigarette butts. Each one of these had touched her rosy lips and entered her mouth, some even touching her tongue and becoming moist, as I would discover when I put my finger on the filter soon after she had stubbed the cigarette out; the stubs, reddened by her lovely lipstick, bore the unique impress of her lips at some moment whose memory was laden with anguish or bliss, making these stubs artifacts of singular intimacy. For nine years Füsun smoked Samsun." (The Museum of Innocence by Orhan Pamuk)

"I imagined this vitrine as something like a calendar of Kemal’s visits to his married lover Fusun’s home between 1976 and 1984. As Kemal had asked of me, I wrote under each and every one of Füsun's cigarette butts the note our protagonist had made about that particular day. This took me the entire summer of 2011. Sometimes I wrote a handful of sentences and then forgot about it all for a week. Other days I crawled around on the floor and wrote with relish. I was going through a tough time, so it wasn’t too difficult to put myself in Kemal's shoes and channel his voice." (The Innocence of Objects by Orhan Pamuk)

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  • Title: 68. 4213 Cigarette Stubs 68. 4213 Cigarette Stubs

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