Detail of vault - Portuguese coat of arms

Francisco Arruda16th century

Tower of Belém

Tower of Belém
Lisbon, Portugal

Detail of a vault junction showing the Portuguese coat of arms. King Manuel I wanted the Tower of Belém, located at the entrance to the kingdom’s capital, to clearly assert his power. Therefore, the king ordered his heraldry to be ostensibly displayed on the tower. These include the Royal Arms, his personal emblem the "Armillary Sphere", and the symbol of the Order of the Cross of Christ (which he administered).

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  • Title: Detail of vault - Portuguese coat of arms
  • Creator: Francisco Arruda
  • Date Created: 16th century
  • Location Created: Belém Tower, Lisbon, Portugal
  • Rights: DGPC/ADF - Luis Pavão
  • Medium: Limestone