Outside the urban area, some sanctuaries rose, usually in places characterized by the presence of watercourses or aquifers. It is supposed that the pilgrims, arriving at the sanctuary, started the cultic and therapeutic itinerary with purification rites near the fountain. The itinerary continued with ex-voto offerings in the little wells. The temple, of Doric style, consists of an entrance atrium (pronaos), preceded by two columns , and of a rectangular room (cell). In the arcaded buildings, on the west and north sides of the sanctuary, there were living place and care rooms; in the North-West arcade, it was identified the compartment called abaton, where took place the incubation rite. This ritual consisted in sleeping in the abaton and waiting, during the dream, the vision of God that suggested a curative remedy or procured a miraculous healing. In the free space between the different buildings, it is supposed, as a result of pollen studies taken during archaeological excavations, the existence of a oaks and olive trees grove recently planted in the Park.

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  • Title: Sanctuary of Asclepios
  • Location: Agrigento, Italy, 37.290879,13.585206
  • Rights: Parco Archeologico e Paesaggistico della Valle dei Templi di Agrigento - Photos by Emanuele Simonaro, Angelo Pitrone