Commander Lousma works with EEVT experiment on aft middeck



Washington, DC, United States

S82-28911 (March 1982) --- The L-shaped experiment in the right half of this photo was one of a number of scientific experiments which made the trip for NASA's third space transportation system (STS-3) mission, along with astronauts Jack R. Lousma, pictured, and C. Gordon Fullerton. The experiment, making encore in space (it also flew on the Apollo Soyuz Test Project in 1985), is designed to evaluate the feasibility of separating cells according to their surface electrical charge. It is a forerunner to planned experiments with other equipment that will purify biological materials in the low gravity environment of space. The process of electrophoresis utilizes an electric field to separate cells, and other biological material in fluids without damaging the cells which can then be used in the study of cell biology, immunology and medical research. This photograph was taken with a 35mm camera by Fullerton. Photo credit: NASA

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  • Title: Commander Lousma works with EEVT experiment on aft middeck
  • Date Created: 1982-03-31
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