Situ Studio2013-02-12/2013-03-10

Times Square Arts

Times Square Arts
Times Square, New York City, United States

Using boardwalk boards salvaged during Sandy's aftermath from Long Beach, NY, Sea Girt, NJ and Atlantic City, NJ, "Heartwalk" began as two ribbons of wooden planks that fluidly lifted from the ground to form a heart shaped enclosure in the middle of Duffy Square. The slatted construction, illuminated from within, provided varied views of the interior as visitors move around the perimeter of the installation. Visitors could enter the installation itself and literally stand in the heart of the world's greatest city.

Situ Studio took inspiration from the collective experience of Hurricane Sandy and the love that binds people together during trying times. Whether it was the radically reconfigured landscapes, the compromised infrastructure, or the temporary solutions that emerged in the days and weeks that followed the storm, Hurricane Sandy confronted all New Yorkers and New Jerseyites by transforming the familiar.

Presented in partnership with Design Trust for Public Space

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  • Title: Heartwalk
  • Creator: Situ Studio
  • Date: 2013-02-12/2013-03-10
  • Provenance: Situ Studio, 2013
  • Type: Installation
  • External Link: Times Square Arts

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