Portrait of Dunhuang Lady

Huang Qiuyuan

Long Museum West Bund

Long Museum West Bund

Huang Qiuyuan, born in Nanchang, Jiangxi province, whose courtesy name was Mingqi. He was also known by his literary names including Dajuezi, Bangeseng, and Qingfenglaoren. He had a keen interest in painting from a very young age and apprenticed at a painting mounting store. He started to learn traditional Chinese painting under the tutelage of Zuo Lianqing, a good friend of his father’s. In 1938, he took up a job at Yumin Bank of Jiangxi and later became an employee at Nanchang People’s Bank of China after the People’s Republic of China was established. Huang specialized in painting mountains and water and also touched upon flowers and figures. Regarding mountain and water painting, he imitated the styles in the Song and Yuan dynasties and was deeply influenced by Wang Meng. Huang managed to form his unique style based on his in-depth research into the traditions.

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  • Title: Portrait of Dunhuang Lady
  • Creator: Huang Qiuyuan
  • Type: Chinese ink and color on paper
  • Creator's Dates: 1914–1979