A facsimile of Duhuang Mural by Zhang Daqian

Zhang Daqian1941/1943

Sichuan Museum

Sichuan Museum

Silk, focus on the color scheme. This picture painted many buddhas, it shows a situation of sakyamuni preaches. The fan-shaped leaves clustered together, Sakyamuni has a backlight behind him. And he has a high chignon, wearing a red robe, feet lotus, the left hand imprinted fearlessly, the right hand imprinted with the wish. He turned to the right as if he were looking down at the people. There are six bodhisattvas on each side, they have a headlight on the top, a crown of jewels on the head, and a carcanet on the neck. The whole picture is colorful and all kinds of complicated decorative patterns are fully used.

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  • Title: A facsimile of Duhuang Mural by Zhang Daqian
  • Creator: Zhang Daqian
  • Date Created: 1941/1943
  • Location: Collected by Sichuan Museum