A list of items to be packed for the trip to Egypt.

Wilhelmina von Hallwyl1900

Hallwyl Museum

Hallwyl Museum


The Hallwyl Museum archive contains a list of clothes and items that were to be packed ahead of the trip to Egypt. Some words are unclear, these have been marked with [?] below. Many words are misspelled. It is probably Wilhelmina von Hallwyl who has compiled the list. It reads like this:
Clothes 5 Silk dresses, 2 tailored dresses [?]
With 2 cardigans, 2 linen kirtles with 1 cardigan,
4 silk blouses, 3 cotton blouses,

1 Raincoat with silk lining, 1 Collar checked,
1 Collar silk, 1 Cardigan, 1 Leather waistcoat, 1 Rubber coat [?]

1 Under kirtle lined, 1 Under kirtle silk,
1 silk kirtle sheer

2 Bonnets [?], 1 Hat black

2 p. Boots, 1 p. Shoes yellow, 1 p. shoes black, 2 p.
Shoes Hank leather [?], 1 p. shoes silk, 1 p. overshoes

4 p. Washing gloves, 6 p. Gloves light, 6 p. Gloves dark, 1 p. gloves long.

Camisole, 3 Combinations, 2 linen fabric, 2 p. underpants,
3 Nightdresses, 3 under collars, 3 reform corsets,
9 handkerchiefs, 1 handkerchief fine, 3 Jerseys [?], 12 p. stockings
Fine, 4 p. Stockings thicker, 1 p. Stockings silk,
6 collars, 6 p. Cuffs, 1 cummerbund,
1 p. Wool pants

Sundries, 1 En-cas, 1 Parasol, 3 Sashes
Black, 3 Silk ties, 3 Ties white,
1 Fichy laces, 1 Plume, Garsiris ribbons [?]
White and black, 1 Handkerchief lace, 3 Pince-nez strings,
1 Sup [?]
1 Brooch, 1 bracelet Diamonds, 1 box, 2 Brooches,
1 Clasp, 2 p. Cufflinks, 1 Pince-nez chain,
1 p. Glasses, 2 Pince-nez blue, 6 Pince-nez, 1 Pince-nez gold.

Travel books, 1 bible, 1 Travel strap, 1 Travel glass, 1 Dictionary,
1 travel chamber pot, the Archive key, Deck of cards, wine bottle,
Lognar bottle [?], purse, note book,
address book, tweezers, Visiting book with Walther's and my cards, Binoculars, steel pens, pen holder,
rubber, 2 Pencils, 1 case of shoe polish,
dictionary, Camera and tripod, spare feathers,
Shoe laces, 1 pincer, 3 drapes, 6 Hat pins

Sewing kit, thimble, 1 pair of scissors, 1 knife, Metrematre [?]
Box of pins, box of buttons,
Sewing needles, darning yarn black and white, black silk,
2 rolls of white thread, white and black ribbons,
Sewing bag, Needle case, black linen thread

Comb accessories, Comb, toothbrush, soap holder, Nail brush,
Bim stone soap [?], Hair pins, 9 tortoiseshell pins, dentures,
Garment brush, Hairbrush small, washing glove,

The pharmacy, Ice bag, oilcloth, bandage, 2 Enemas
Sprayer with tube, Spraying description, 2 thermometers,
Morphine syringes, 2 Pots with stand, 1 bottle of alcohol!
1 Table spoon, contains 15 gr.
Opium drops, Chokra drops [?], Goulard's extract, Zeroform [Xeroform?],
[illegible], Zinc ointment, Glycerine, Cartal [?], Cotton wool for Boric acid, Boric acid, Alum, Morphine, Migraine powder, Sublimate,
Tooth iodine [?], Chewing sweets, chest drops, China [?],
Toothpaste, Suppository, Tannatia [?], Eye drops,
[illegible], Cocoa, Tea.

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  • Title: A list of items to be packed for the trip to Egypt.
  • Creator: Wilhelmina von Hallwyl
  • Date Created: 1900
  • Original Language: Swedish
  • Subject Keywords: Tourism, Egypt, Sweden
  • Original Source: Image number: DIG 14157
  • Rights: CC-BY-SA


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