A Lone Fisherman in Spring

Zhang Xiufang2007

China Paper Cutting Museum

China Paper Cutting Museum

This piece adopted the theme of a lone fisherman, a breakthrough in terms of subject for paper cut-outs, sitting on a boat sailing on the lake under floating clouds, with beautifully-shaped willows and reeds at the lake bank, creating a poetic scene characteristic of Chinese landscape paintings. All the elements are well-arranged in the composition, perfectly integrating tranquility and liveliness. The highlight of this piece lies in its lines, such as the flowing lines of ripples, the light and delicate lines of clouds, the straight line of the fishing pole and the vigorous lines of willow trees, all finished thanks to the combination of various ingenious cutting skills.

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  • Title: A Lone Fisherman in Spring
  • Creator: Zhang Xiufang
  • Date: 2007


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