A Nazi propaganda album entitled: "Jewish Criminals".

Yad Vashem

Yad Vashem

The album, originally entitled: "Juedische Verbrecher" - Jewish Criminals - was presented to Hitler by Gauleiter Julius Streicher and the chief of police of Nueremberg and Fuerth on 12/02/1938.
The album includes photographs from the presentation ceremony; quotes from various Jewish writings; and photographs of Jewish men and women convicted and imprisoned for alleged race defilement, sexual abuse, homosexuality and ritual slaughter.

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  • Title: A Nazi propaganda album entitled: "Jewish Criminals".
  • Subject Keywords: Antisemitism , Nazi propaganda , Portraits , Propaganda
  • Origin: Fuerth, 12.2.1938. Gauleiter Julius Streicher and President of Police of Nuerenberg an
  • Name of submitter: Yad Vashem - General Archives
  • Credit: Yad Vashem
  • Archival signature: 0
  • Album number: FA94/0
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