A new excavation site

Michel Rabe2007

Staatliches Naturhistorisches Museum, 3Landesmuseen Braunschweig

Staatliches Naturhistorisches Museum, 3Landesmuseen Braunschweig

After digesting the shock of the missing skeleton a probing excavation was started. The scientists hoped that they would find an alternative for their first missing skeleton. They were rewarded. Small jawbone fragments and fragments of teeth led to the assumption of a full skull. The bones now had to be exposed so that the completeness of the skeleton was visible. The next day, the team discovered parts of the ribcage and neck vertebra and a tooth with root. After some more careful sweeping a broken shoulder blade, a large humerus as well as numerous ribs and parts of vertebra were discovered. The way the parts were positioned led the finders to believe that they had a full skeleton. The team worked carefully to free the bones of the embedding stones.

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  • Title: A new excavation site
  • Creator: Michel Rabe
  • Date Created: 2007
  • Location: Republic of Niger
  • Location Created: Republic of Niger
  • Original Language: Deutsch
  • Type: Image


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