A Novel of Madam Sa

UnknownLate period of Joseon

Academy of Korean Studies

Academy of Korean Studies

A Korean novel written by a scholar of late Joseon period, Manjung Kim (1637-1692) about a discord of wife and concubine. It is also called ‘Sashi namjeonggi’. It has been widely read with more than 30 different versions, and one of them has been translated into Chinese by his great grandson Chuntaek Kim. Manjung Kim wrote this novel during his exile to awaken Sukjong who expulsed Queen Inhyeong and installed concubine Heebin Jang as the Queen. Because of such moral lesson, this novel came to be recognized by the scholars who had been reprobating the novel and therefore opened a new way for late Joseon period Korean novels.

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  • Title: A Novel of Madam Sa
  • Creator: Unknown
  • Date: Late period of Joseon
  • location: Jangseogak, Academy of Korean Studies, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Rep. Korea
  • composition: 3 books
  • Physical Dimensions: w22 x h32.7 cm
  • Original Title: Namjeong-gi (남졍긔, [南征記])
  • Korean caption: 조선후기의 학자 서포 김만중(金萬重, 1637~1692)이 처첩간의 갈등을 소재로 지은 한글 소설. ‘사씨남정기’라고도 한다. 판본만 30여 종이 넘을 정도로 널리 읽혔고, 이 중에는 저자의 종손자 김춘택(金春澤)이 한문으로 옮긴 판본도 있다. 김만중이 유배지에서 인현왕후(仁顯王后)를 폐출하고 장희빈(張禧嬪)을 중전으로 책봉한 숙종을 일깨우기 위해 지었다고 한다. 이러한 교훈 때문에 소설을 배척하던 선비들에게도 가치를 인정받았고 조선후기 한글 소설의 새로운 장을 연 작품으로 평가 받고 있다.
  • Provenance: Academy of Korean Studies
  • Type: Manuscript
  • Rights: Academy of Korean Studies

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