A pair of wooden Koma-inu (guardian dogs)

Unknown12th - 14th Century Kamakura Period

Mt. Mitoku Sanbutsu ji Temple

Mt. Mitoku Sanbutsu ji Temple

Prefectural Preservation of Cultural Property
These pair of guardian dogs were enshrined together with the standing statues of Zao Gongen at Nageiredo Hall.
The guardian dog with its mouth open is “Agyo” and the one with its mouth closed is called “Ungyo”.
The majestic and robust appearance of both dogs, with front paws firmly planted and chests puffed out, presumes that they were made in Kamakura Period. Two pieces of wood were used for the front and back sides of each dog. The two pieces of wood are joined at the center. Agyo is 81cm tall and Ungyo is 82cm.

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  • Title: A pair of wooden Koma-inu (guardian dogs)
  • Creator: Unknown
  • Date: 12th - 14th Century Kamakura Period
  • Physical Dimensions: h81,82 cm
  • Type: Artworks and Crafts
  • External Link: http://www.mitokusan.jp/sanbutsuji.html


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