A photograph of Smushkevitch Yakov Vladimirovitch.

Yad Vashem

Yad Vashem

Smushkevitch was born in 1900. He fought in the war in Spain. He received a medal of honor in 1937. He fought in Mongolia,and received a second medal of honor in 1939. He was killed in 1942, during Stalin's rule. His name was cleared in 1953.

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  • Title: A photograph of Smushkevitch Yakov Vladimirovitch.
  • Subject Keywords: RKKA - Raboche-krestyanskaya Krasnaya Armiya , Uniforms , Medals , Portraits , Jewish soldiers in the Red Army
  • Origin: Bernstein Yafim Leibowitz
  • Name of submitter: Bernstein Yafim Leibowitz
  • Location: USSR
  • Description: Appear in alphabetical order in an index.
  • Credit: Yad Vashem
  • Collection: Yad Vashem Photo Archive, Yad Vashem Photo Archive
  • Archival signature: 3762
  • Album number: FA247/3 , FA247/0
  • Album item no: 75356
  • Album Title: Photographs of Jewish soldiers who served in the Soviet Army during WWII.


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