A Piece of Fun

Peng Ying-ying2009

Fubon Art Foundation

Fubon Art Foundation
Taipei, Taiwan

Sunny. Prompt by a sudden impulse. It is time for fun and a smile.

Keep out the negative emotional involvement: sadness, gloom, seriousness and sympathy when taking care of homeless animals. The moment when a devoted pet owner finds his dream pet, it marks the start of “1+1>2” happy life. There are countless moments of fun and smiles: adapting to the new lifestyle and overcoming the challenges, cat fans love teasing and playing hide and seek with their cats; dog fans walk their dogs and play “go fetch” etc. Adopting a homeless animal will connect you with the bliss of life. The feeling of fun and happiness begins from the moment you share with your pet.

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  • Title: A Piece of Fun
  • Creator: Peng Ying-ying
  • Date: 2009
  • Medium: Wood, stamp
  • Location: AVEDA