A Poem in Running Script

Wang Sui

Long Museum West Bund

Long Museum West Bund

Wang Sui was predominantly known by his courtesy name Ruyu. He also referred to himself as Qingchengshanren or Linjianqiaoren. His family originally came from Suining (i.e. today’s Suining, Sichuan province). He served as an Learned Doctor (boshi) of the Five Classics in the Hanlin Academy (hanlinyuan) during the Yongle period and was involved in the compiling work of the Yongle Encyclopedia (yongledadian). Wang was famous for his poems, proses, and calligraphy including the stand script and the running script, the latter of which carried the style of the calligraphic works in the Jin dynasty and featured a sense of power and elegance. He was excellent in painting as well.

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  • Title: A Poem in Running Script
  • Creator: Wang Sui
  • Type: Chinese ink on paper
  • Period / Dynasty: The Early Ming Dynasty
  • Creator's Dates: ?–1415


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