A Portrait of Yi Chungwon, a Hoseong Meritorious Subject

Government of JoseonJoseon, 1604 (year 37 of Seonjo)

Academy of Korean Studies

Academy of Korean Studies

This is the portrait of Yi Chungwon (1537-1605) who was appointed as a second Hoseong meritorious subject. His family name originated from Jeonju, and he was a great-great-grandson of Deokcheongun Husaeng, who was a descendant of the 10th generation of Jeongjong. As a high ranking civil servant, he attended on Seonjo to Uiju during the Imjin Japanese Invasion, and he was given credit for it. In 1604, at the age of 68, he was appointed second Hoseong meritorious subject and was given a title Wanyagnbuwongun. This portrait was painted when he was appointed a meritorious subject. The style shows typical early 17th Century portrait. On the top right corner, the writing proves that it was a true picture of 68 year old Wanyangbuwongun Yi Chungwon.

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  • Title: A Portrait of Yi Chungwon, a Hoseong Meritorious Subject
  • Creator: Government of Joseon
  • Date: Joseon, 1604 (year 37 of Seonjo)
  • location: Jangseogak, Academy of Korean Studies, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Rep. Korea
  • composition: 1 scroll
  • Physical Dimensions: w90 x h165.3 cm
  • Original Title: Yi Chungwon hoseong gongsin hwasang (이충원 호성공신화상, 李忠元 扈聖功臣畵像)
  • Provenance: Academy of Korean Studies
  • Type: Painted on Silk


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