A potter paints her ceramic pot

Thiago da Costa Oliveira2014

Museu do Índio

Museu do Índio

A potter paints the already polished and dried pot using a rustic brush made of human hair and ceramic mass. The mineral pigment is obtained from rivers bottoms and mixed to a liquid and acid component such as bitter mandioc juice, cubiu juice or lemon juice; then it is applied to the piece. The acidity of the material is important to obtain the desired oxidation during the burning process.

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  • Title: A potter paints her ceramic pot
  • Creator: Thiago da Costa Oliveira
  • Date Created: 2014
  • Location: São Gabriel da Cachoeira, Brazil
  • Physical Dimensions: digital
  • Provenance: Photograph taken during a pottery production workshop held in june 2014, in São Joaquim village, medium Aiairi river, Alto Rio Negro Indigenous Territory.
  • Type: photography
  • Rights: Museu do Índio / FUNAI
  • Medium: digital photography